Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lovely Ladies

There is a John Mayer song called, Heart of Life that came on my iPod today. There is a line in that song that just makes me want to tear up  every time I hear it because it is just so true of my life. It goes like this:

    Pain throws your heart to the ground
    Love turns the whole thing around
    No, it won't all go the way it should
    But I know the heart of life is good

    You know it's nothing new
    Bad news never had good timing
    Then the circle of your friends
    Will defend the silver lining

My girlfriends have truly “defended the silver lining” of my life in the last year. The women in my life are simply amazing. I am so amazed that I have been lucky enough to come across all these amazing women.

I am in awe of Bronwyn’s wisdom and ability to stay positive. I am in awe of Staci’s amazing sense of humor and her ability to give great advice (plus her awesome fashion sense). I am in awe of my mother’s strength and ability to give and give. I am in awe of Meredith’s bravery and her ability to make others feel loved and important. I am in awe of Mary Beth’s ability to tell those around her how much they mean to her (plus her ability to sing no matter what’s going on). I am in awe of Lisa’s intense loyalty to those important to her. I am in awe of Kate’s ability to truly listen to you when you speak and to make you feel like she’s feeling your pain with you. I am in awe of Lindsay’s generosity and her ability to make you feel like the funniest person alive by always laughing at your jokes. I am in awe at Tristan’s ability to tell you the hard truth when you need to hear it. I am in awe at Megan’s ability to make you feel truly important and cared for. I am in awe of Sarah’s ability to make friends with anyone within a 20 foot radius. I am in awe at Jenny’s quick sense of humor to make you laugh when you really need it. I am in awe at Brooke’s ability to sense when you simply need support and be there for you. I am in awe at Elizabeth’s ability to care so deeply about her friends.

I have great men in my life too, but I just don’t understand how women can go through life without close girlfriends. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you amazing women. There’s this quote from a Sex and the City episode where Charlotte is going through a divorce and she turns to her girlfriends and says something like, “maybe we are each others’ soul mates.” Thank you for being my soul mates ladies.


  1. you are sweet as sugar. made my day. love you.

  2. you only have so so many awesome friends, because you are an awesome friend too! and fun to be with! :)

  3. Ditto to Staci and Jenny! LOve you, Kimmy!!

  4. Why haven't my skills found you the man of your dreams yet? I need to get on it! :) When are we going out again?