Friday, March 5, 2010

The Awesomeness of Today...

Reason #1 today was awesome: My story, "Courage Brought to you by a 15 Year Old," was posted on Kind Over Matter as one of the Friday Lovelies! Wahhhoooo! Amanda said my story, "melted her heart."

Reason #2 today was awesome: I purchased the tickets for the Phoenix show I posted about earlier this week AND I realized it is the last day of school. What a great way to celebrate the end of year two.

Reason #3 today was awesome: The Red Hot Chili Peppers was the class change music today. Yes, we actually blast music in the halls over the speaker system while the kids change classes. They abhore the classical music during the week, but on Fridays, the kids and teachers get to submit their own mixes. Fridays rock!!!... literally at my school.

Reason # 4 today was awesome: I'm going to dinner with Momma Sunflower and her besty, Bev, at a new Chinese place.... yum.

Reason # 5 today was awesome: I had my first comment on my blog AND my first two followers who don't know me already and have to follow me b/c they're my friend... not to discount how awesome you are for following me,  Lindsay.

Reason #6 today was awesome: I'm reconnecting with an old friend from high school tomorrow who I haven't seen in years. Ok, I guess that may be a reason why tomorrow is awesome... but the anticipation makes today awesome.

It's all enough to make me do this.... ok, ok, you got me... so this is actually an old picture of me getting a strike at a bowling alley, but I could totallllllly look like that right now... minus the bowling alley part and the spiffy white bowling shoes.


  1. Of Course today is awesome - I love it when I talk to negative people and can tell them things like this that makes it a good day. It catches them so off guard they don't know what to say. Enjoy a fabulous weekend!

  2. Yes today is awesome even if it's Furlough Fri here in HI (teachers, students & librarians endure another unpaid day away from class & library); even if every utterance of the road crew outside my window starts with F***; even if I'm going to a funeral service this evening. It's awesome because the sun is shining through the raindrops, and rainbows are everywhere.

  3. Love your blog--found it via Kind Over Matter. I will be back!

  4. Thanks ladies! You are all reasons why my day is even better today :)