Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Introduction to my blog

Things I have committed myself to:
1. I will live a happy life.
2. I will reconnect/discover things in my life that I love.
3. I will be courageous

So what does that mean? I'm not entirely sure. So that's what I'll be exploring here. Here's what I think I know so far:
1. Happiness and gratefulness go hand in hand.
2. Courage isn't just charging into battle with your sword drawn. Sometimes courage is simply being willing to accept that your life can be different from the one you had planned. Courage is rolling with the changes (subtle REO Speedwagon reference here) and continuing to find things to be grateful for.
3. I love Butterfingers, crafts, music, gummy candy of all sorts, home decor, and my spaz of a dog. I especially like to watch her romp in the snow.  The picture below is a great example of the sweet puppy dog eyes she often flashes to get her way. How can you resist?

1 comment:

  1. How appropriate to pick the sunflower for your site!
    *Like you, sunflowers are multi-faceted. Some think of it as a flower and some as a vegetable; we grow it to decorate our yards, feed the birds, teach gardening with our children or as an important agricultural crop.
    *Like you, sunflowers are versatile. They are used for everything from cooking oil, snacks, medicine, paint, soap, animal feed, to biodiesel--- and even cleaning toxins from the environment. (They were used in the former Soviet Union to decontaminate water polluted as a result of the 1986 accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The roots of floating rafts of sunflowers were able to extract 95% of the radioactivity in the water caused by that accident.)
    *Like you, sunflowers seek the light. Sunflowers are helioptropic-when the plant is in the bud stage, it turns to follow the movement of the sun across the horizon. (Once the flower opens into the radiance of yellow petals, it faces east.)
    *Like you, sunflowers grow deep roots – they can be as much as 9 feet!
    *Like you, sunflowers are vibrant and strong, recognized for their sturdiness and beauty.
    Your mom, gardener and grower of sunflowers and amazing daughters