Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Perspectives

Sometimes when it feels like the life you thought you knew is crumbling down around you, shift your perspective.

Maybe it's crumbling down to give you an escape route.

I know this is true of my life... but sometimes it's hard to appreciate it when the escape can be so painful.

A confession: I have frequently been accused of being pessimistic; I always thought that I was just being realistic. A very good friend told me last night that she thought the whole divorce situation had made me a more optimistic person. I respectfully disagreed with her, thinking about how cynical I feel like I've become, but maybe she was right.... maybe it's too recent to see what kind of changes this will bring to me as a person. I'll let you know...


  1. This blog always brings a smile to my face! I hope it helps you see the beauty in everyday, because I know its hard sometimes.

    The post about your Christmas Card from your student brought some tears to my eyes. I also definitely agree with your 'Perfect Man' post!

    Have a splendid weekend.
    -A Friend

  2. I like the Kimmy who has been revealed in this blog....she is really trying hard to be responsible for her own happiness. Isn't that the key to loving yourself and being satisfied with your life? If we put our happiness and worth into other's hands, we are usually let down and disappointed. So, go you for being more optimistic in a time in your life when it could be so easy to be the opposite. :)

  3. Great post!! We never see the positives of change until we have completed the metamorphosis. Then, surprise!

    Going through my own divorce experience my friends could see the strong, confident new me long before I even met her!

    I get glimpses of her every now and then, and I give her a little wave.....

    I blogged about change again this week... been on my mind too...